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Flag of Small Abkhazian FlagAbkhazia

Formal Name: Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia
Local Name: Apkhazeti
Local Formal Name: Apkhazeti
Region: Asia
Associations: N/A - A disputed state within Georgia
Capital City: Sukhumi
Main Cities: New Athos
ISO 3166 Code: N/A
Population: 190,000
Area: 8,432km²
Currency: 10 Abkhazian Apsars = 1 Russian Ruble
Languages: Georgian, Abkhaz and Russian
Religions: Armenian/Eastern Orthodox and Sunni Muslim
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Large Abkhazian Flag
Flag of Abkhazia

Date Flag first adopted: July 23rd,1992
Description: The flag consists of seven horizontal equal rows. There are four dark green rows which are separated by three white rows. The number seven is sacred to the people of Abkhazia. The green and white are said to signify the harmony with which the Christian and Muslim communities of Abkhazia share the country. There is a red canton design at the top left of the flag. Within the canton are seven white stars, these represent the historical regions of Abkhazia ( Abzhywa,Bzyp,Dal-Tsabal,Gumaa,Pskhuy-Aibga, Sadzen and Samurzaqan).