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Flag of Small Australian FlagAustralia

Formal Name: Commonwealth of Australia
Local Name: Australia
Local Formal Name: Commonwealth of Australia
Region: Oceania
Associations: Commonwealth of Nations, United Nations
Capital City: Canberra
Main Cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin
ISO 3166 Code: AU
Population: 21,707,964
Area: 7,686,850km²
Currency: 1 australian dollar = 100 cents
Languages: English
Religions: Protestant, Roman Catholic
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Large Australian Flag
Flag of Australia

Date Flag first adopted: April 14th, 1954
Description: Blue with the flag of the UK in the upper hoist-side quadrant and a large seven-pointed star in the lower hoist-side quadrant known as the Commonwealth or Federation Star, representing the federation of the colonies of Australia in 1901; the star depicts one point for each of the six original states and one representing all of Australia's internal and external territories; on the fly half is a representation of the Southern Cross constellation in white with one small five-pointed star and four larger, seven-pointed stars.