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Flag of Bahrain

Formal Name: Kingdom of Bahrain
Local Name: Al Bahrayn
Local Formal Name: Al Mamlakah al Bahrayn
Region: Middle East
Associations: Arab League, United Nations
Capital City: Manama
Main Cities: Al Muharraq
ISO 3166 Code: BH
Population: 791,000
Area: 680km²
Currency: 1 bahraini dinar = 1000 fils
Languages: Arabic
Religions: Sunni Islam, Shia Islam
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Small Bahrain Flag
Flag of Bahrain

Date Flag first adopted: February 14th, 2002
Description: Red, the traditional color for flags of Persian Gulf states, with a white serrated band (five white points) on the hoist side; the five points represent the five pillars of Islam.