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Flag of Small Belize FlagBelize

Formal Name: Belize
Local Name: Belize
Local Formal Name: Belize
Region: Central America
Associations: Commonwealth of Nations, United Nations
Capital City: Belmopan
Main Cities: Belize City, Corozal, San Ignacio
ISO 3166 Code: BZ
Population: 307,000
Area: 22,966km²
Currency: 1 belize dollar = 100 cents
Languages: English, Kriol, Spanish
Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant
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Large Belize Flag
Flag of Belize

Date Flag first adopted: September 21st, 1981
Description: Blue with a narrow red stripe along the top and the bottom edges; centered is a large white disk bearing the coat of arms; the coat of arms features a shield flanked by two workers in front of a mahogany tree with the related motto SUB UMBRA FLOREO (I Flourish in the Shade) on a scroll at the bottom, all encircled by a green garland.