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Flag of Cape Verde

Formal Name: Republic of Cape Verde
Local Name: Cabo Verde
Local Formal Name: República de Cabo Verde
Region: Africa
Associations: African Union, United Nations
Capital City: Praia
Main Cities: Mindelo
ISO 3166 Code: CV
Population: 506,000
Area: 4,030km²
Currency: 1 Cape Verdean Escudo = 100 centavos
Languages: Portiguese, Cape Verdean Creole
Religions: Roman Catholic
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Large Cape Verde Flag
Flag of Cape Verde

Date Flag first adopted: September 22nd, 1992
Description: Five unequal horizontal bands; the top-most band of blue - equal to one half the width of the flag - is followed by three bands of white, red, and white, each equal to 1/12 of the width, and a bottom stripe of blue equal to one quarter of the flag width; a circle of 10, yellow, five-pointed stars, each representing one of the islands, is centered on the red stripe and positioned 3/8 of the length of the flag from the hoist side.