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Flag of Small Comoros FlagComoros

Formal Name: Union of the Comoros
Local Name: Comores
Local Formal Name: Union des Comores
Region: Africa
Associations: African Union, Arab League, United Nations
Capital City: Moroni
Main Cities: N/A
ISO 3166 Code: KM
Population: 676,000
Area: 2,230km²
Currency: 1 Comorian franc = 100 centimes
Languages: Shikomor, French, Arabic
Religions: Sunni Muslim
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Large Comoros Flag
Flag of Comoros

Date Flag first adopted: January 7th, 2002
Description: Four equal horizontal bands of yellow (top), white, red, and blue with a green isosceles triangle based on the hoist; centered within the triangle is a white crescent with the convex side facing the hoist and four white, five-pointed stars placed vertically in a line between the points of the crescent; the horizontal bands and the four stars represent the four main islands of the archipelago - Mwali, N'gazidja, Nzwani, and Mahore (Mayotte - territorial collectivity of France, but claimed by Comoros). Note: the crescent, stars, and color green are traditional symbols of Islam.