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Flag of Small Cypriot FlagCyprus

Formal Name: Republic of Cyprus
Local Name: Křpros,Kibris
Local Formal Name: KypriakÝ DhimokratÝa(Greek),Kibris Cumhuriyeti
Region: Europe
Associations: Commonwealth of Nations, European Union, United Nations
Capital City: Nicosia
Main Cities: Limassol, Famagusta, Paphos
ISO 3166 Code: CY
Population: 801,600
Area: 9,250km²
Currency: 1 euro = 100 cents
Languages: Greek, Turkish
Religions: Greek Orthodox
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Large Cypriot Flag
Flag of Cyprus

Date Flag first adopted: August 16th, 1960
Description: White with a copper-colored silhouette of the island (the name Cyprus is derived from the Greek word for copper) above two green crossed olive branches in the center of the flag; the branches symbolize the hope for peace and reconciliation between the Greek and Turkish communities.