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CountryFlag Day DateDetails
AbkhaziaJuly 23Known as Flag Day. This follows adoption of the flag on July 23, 1992.
AlbaniaNovember 28Commemorates Independence Day, November 28, 1912.
ArgentinaJune 20Commemorates the anniversary of the death of Manuel Belgrano, who created the current flag design.
ArubaMarch 18Celebrates the adoption of the Aruban national flag on March 18, 1976.
AustraliaSeptember 3Celebrates the first time the Australian national flag was flown on September 3, 1901.
AzerbaijanNovember 9National Flag Day, celebrated each November 9, since 2010.
BrazilNovember 19National Flag Day of Brazil, this was first adopted in 1889.
CanadaFebruary 15Celebrates adoption of the current Canadian Flag design on February 15, 1965.
ColombiaJuly 20 & August 7July 20, Commemorates Independence Day, 1810.
DenmarkJune 15Commemorates the Battle of Valdemar in Estonia in 1219, where the flag is said to have fallen from the sky. Also celebrates the return of North Slesvig to Denmark after World War I.
EcuadorSeptember 26Commemorates the adoption of the Ecuadorian Flag on September 26, 1860.
EnglandApril 23Flag Day is celebrated in England, each April 23, which is St. George's Day.
EstoniaJune 4The date the Estonian National Flag was established on June 4, 1884.
Faroe IslandsApril 25Commemorates decree of UK, Prime Minister, Winston Churchill of Faroese Flag on April 25, 1940.
FinlandMidsummer's DayCelebrated each Midsummer's Day (between June 21 and June 24), since 1934.
GreeceOctober 27Greece's National Day, which is celebrated each October 27.
HaitiMay 18Celebrates establishment of the Haitian Flag on May 18, 1803.
IndiaDecember 7The Indian Flag is celebrated as part of Armed Forces Flag Day. This honors the soldiers, airmen and sailors of India, both past and present.
IsraelJanuary 16Magen David Day, celebrates adoption of the Israeli Flag on January 16.
ItalyJanuary 7Commemorates the adoption of the Flag of Italy on January 7, 1797.
Macedonia1st & 15th - every month.Celebrated twice per month from May 15, 2010 onwards.
MexicoFebruary 24Mexican Flag Day has been established every February 24, since 1937.
MoldovaApril 27Celebrated since April 27, 2010. Commemorates establishment of the Moldovan Flag on April 27, 1990.
PakistanAugust 11Commemorates establishment of the Pakistani Flag on August 11, 1947.
PeruJune 7Commemorates the battle of Arica on June 7, 1880. This was a battle between Chilean and Peruvian forces.
PhilippinesMay 28Commemorates May 28, 1898 when the Philippines Flag was taken into battle for the first time.
PolandMay 2Celebrates raising the flag on the Berlin Siegessaule (Berlin Victory Column) on May 2, 1945.
RomaniaJune 26Celebrates the Wallachian Provisional Government making the Romanian Tricolor the official flag of Romania on June 26, 1848.
Russian FederationAugust 22Celebrated each August 22, since 1991.
ScotlandNovember 30Flag Day in Scotland is celebrated as a part of St Andrews Day.
SwazilandApril 25Celebrated on April 25 each year. This commemorates the day in 1968 when the British Flag was lowered and the Swaziland Flag was raised.
SwedenJune 6A part of the National Day of Sweden celebrations held each June 6.
UkraineAugust 23Staged each August 23, since 2004.
United StatesJune 14Commemorates the adoption of the Flag of USA on June 14, 1777.