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Flag of Small Palestinian FlagPalestine

Formal Name: Palestinian National Authority
Local Name: Filastin
Local Formal Name: Al-Solata al-Wataniya Al-Filastiniya
Region: Middle East
Associations: Arab League
Capital City: Gaza City
Main Cities: Nablus, Ramallah, Jericho, Hebron,
ISO 3166 Code: PS
Population: 3,761,646
Area: 5,860km²
Currency: 1 Israeli new sheqel = 100 agoras, 1 Jordanian dinar = 100 piastres
Languages: Arabic, Hebrew
Religions: Sunni Islam, Judaism, Christianity
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Large Palestinian Flag
Flag of Palestine

Date Flag first adopted: 18th October, 1948
Description: The flag is constituted of three equal horizontal stripes (black, white and green from top to bottom) overlaid by a red isosceles right triangle issuing from the hoist. The flag is almost identical to that of the Baath Party and very similar to the flags of Western Sahara, Sudan and Jordan; all of these draw their ultimate inspiration from the flag of the Arab Revolt against Ottoman rule (1916-1918), which had the same graphic form, but the colours were arranged differently than in the modern flags (white on the bottom rather than in the middle).