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Flag of Small South Korean FlagSouth Korea

Formal Name: Republic of Korea
Local Name: Hanguk
Local Formal Name: Taehan-min'guk
Region: Asia
Associations: United Nations
Capital City: Seoul
Main Cities: Pusan, Taegu, Inchon
ISO 3166 Code: KP
Population: 48,333,000
Area: 100,032km²
Currency: 1 South Korean won = 100 Jeon
Languages: Korean
Religions: Buddhism, Protestant, Roman Catholic
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Large South Korean Flag
Flag of South Korea

Date Flag first adopted: March 6th, 1883
Description: White with a red (top) and blue yin-yang symbol in the center; there is a different black trigram from the ancient I Ching (Book of Changes) in each corner of the white field.