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Flag of Small Turkmenistan FlagTurkmenistan

Formal Name: Turkmenista
Local Name: Turkmenista
Local Formal Name: Turkmenostan Respublikasy
Region: Asia
Associations: United Nations
Capital City: Ashgabat
Main Cities: Turkmenabat, Dashlovuz, Mary
ISO 3166 Code: TM
Population: 5,110,000
Area: 488,100km²
Currency: 1 Turkmenistani manat = 100 Tennesis
Languages: Turkmen
Religions: Sunni Islam
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Large Turkmenistan Flag
Flag of Turkmenistan

Date Flag first adopted: 24th January, 2001
Description: Green field with a vertical red stripe near the hoist side, containing five tribal guls (designs used in producing carpets) stacked above two crossed olive branches; a white crescent moon representing Islam with five white stars representing the regions or welayats of Turkmenistan appear in the upper corner of the field just to the fly side of the red stripe.