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Flag of Small Ugandan FlagUganda

Formal Name: Republic of Uganda
Local Name: Uganda
Local Formal Name: Republic of Uganda
Region: Africa
Associations: African Union, Commonwealth of Nations, East African Community, United Nations
Capital City: Kampala
Main Cities: N/A
ISO 3166 Code: UG
Population: 32,710,000
Area: 236,040km²
Currency: 1 Ugandan shilling = 100 cents
Languages: English, Swahili
Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Islam
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Large Ugandan Flag
Flag of Uganda

Date Flag first adopted: 9th October, 1962
Description: Six equal horizontal bands of black (top), yellow, red, black, yellow, and red; a white disk is superimposed at the center and depicts a red-crested crane (the national symbol) facing the hoist side.