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Flag of Small Uruguayan FlagUruguay

Formal Name: Oriental Republic of Uruguay
Local Name: Uruguay Do­u Cumhuriyeti
Local Formal Name: Rep˙blica Oriental del Uruguay
Region: South America
Associations: Andean Community of Nations, Union of South American Nations, United Nations
Capital City: Montevideo
Main Cities: N/A
ISO 3166 Code: UY
Population: 3,361,000
Area: 176,220km²
Currency: 1 Uruguayan peso = 100 Centésimos
Languages: Spanis
Religions: Roman Catholic
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Large Uruguayan Flag
Flag of Uruguay

Date Flag first adopted: 11th July, 1830
Description: Nine equal horizontal stripes of white (top and bottom) alternating with blue; a white square in the upper hoist-side corner with a yellow sun bearing a human face known as the Sun of May with 16 rays that alternate between triangular and wavy.