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Formal Name: Territory of the Wallis and Futuna Islands
Local Name: Wallis and Futuna Islands
Local Formal Name: Territoire des Iles Wallis & Futuna
Region: Oceania
Associations: N/A
Capital City: Matu-Utu
Main Cities: N/A
ISO 3166 Code: WF
Population: 15,000
Area: 264km²
Currency: 1 CFP franc = 100 centimes
Languages: French, Uvean, Futunan
Religions: N/A
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Large Wallis and Futuna Flag
Flag of the Wallis and Futuna Islands

Date Flag first adopted: Uses Flag of France
Description: Unofficial, local flag has a red field with four white isosceles triangles in the middle, representing the three native kings of the islands and the French administrator; the apexes of the triangles are oriented inward and at right angles to each other; the flag of France, outlined in white on two sides, is in the upper hoist quadrant; the flag of France is the only official flag.